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What is Elevated?

Elevated Legal Advisory is exactly as the name suggests, a legal advisory business with a focus on elevating you and your business.

Having worked in boutique and mid-tier law firms in Canberra, Janukshi and Jonathon established Elevated in 2020. The philosophy of Elevated is a law firm where clients form a trusted relationship in their legal adviser and can rely on them to not only provide outstanding legal advice, but also advise them on multiple facets of their personal property and commercial transactions.

Why choose Elevated?

Whilst you expect your lawyer to provide you with accurate legal advice, the team at Elevated go one step further by taking a pragmatic approach to your matter. We consider the outcome you want to achieve, and through understanding your legal position, work with you to reach your goals.

Whilst specialising in property law, our expertise expands to all related aspects of property, including conveyancing, banking and finance, planning, construction and commercial law and as such we can assist with all aspects of a property transaction.

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